Friday, March 4, 2011

Hunter Hayes singing one of my songs

It was Thanksgiving evening 2010, and for some reason I decided to Google one of my songs, "More Than a Child", probably because Christmas was coming up. To my surprise, in addition to my own YouTube video of the song, I found one posted for a musician named Hunter Hayes. Sure enough, it was my song! Searching around a bit more, I found out that he recorded it on his Christmas album a few years earlier. I was able to get in contact with HH, and he told me how he'd learned the song as part of a Christmas musical at his middle school (around age 12 -- he is 19 now) and wanted to record it on his Christmas album. The YouTube video was from a 2008 performance in Lafayette, Louisiana (HH is from that area) at a program called Festival de Noel. Hunter is a real musical prodigy, performing once at age 4 with Hank, Jr. At this moment he is wrapping up work on his debut album for Atlantic Records in Nashville, and is fixin' to take his new songs on the road (he's also been tapped to open for part of Taylor Swift's 2011 tour, in July/August). Anyhow, it was quite an honor to find out that someone with so much writing and performing talent in their own right, is a fan of my Christmas song. If you want to see/hear his performance on YouTube, I have a link from the song's page at:
Enjoy the song, and keep a look out for Hunter Hayes -- he's just now getting into high gear.

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